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'PASIFIKA COOL' by Punky Aloha
'PASIFIKA COOL' by Punky Aloha
'PASIFIKA COOL' by Punky Aloha
'PASIFIKA COOL' by Punky Aloha
'PASIFIKA COOL' by Punky Aloha

'PASIFIKA COOL' by Punky Aloha

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This is Shar Tuiasoa's first signature print for Surfer Towel.  Shar Tuiasoa (AKA Punky Aloha) is the artist behind PASIFIKA COOL. Her stunning interplay of bold, organic shapes is all about beauty, confidence, and culture! Shar’s design is a joyful depiction of women of the Pacific being their best selves amongst the flowing lines and colors of Hawai’i’s flora. The back has a very personal meaning to the artist. It is a pattern from one of the many Tapa cloths her Grandma Langi made while living in the village of Ha’akame, Tonga.

For more info on Shar's work, visit:


Here are some reasons you'll love your Surfer Towel:

- Double-sided print

- Super compact - Folds out to an oversize beach towel (30x70")

- Absorbs 3 mugs of water

- Fastest drying towel on the market (We've tested them all)

- Won't collect sand, even when wet

- Fits over a standard yoga mat

- Naturally mildew resistant - No more drying off with a stinky towel!

- Ultra soft

- Drying loop for easy hanging

- Created with environmentally responsible manufacturing practices

- No-shed fibers

- Independently tested to contain no toxic inks, dyes or materials